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  • Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener Featured by The Spruce Eats

    Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener Featured by The Spruce Eats as Affordable and High Performing


    A manufacturer of high-quality housewares ranging from kitchen cookware to precision scales, Ozeri is an emerging brand with a cultivated following of its products for the modern home, and is a supplier to hotels, national retailers, medical establishments, and leading businesses across North America. Included in its comprehensive line of houseware products is Ozeri's wide range of efficient, high-quality wine openers.

    TheSpruceEats.com is a leading resource for recipes, cooking videos, and tips from professional chefs. With over 25,000 recipes, The Spruce Eats is backed by a library over 20 years in the making. Ozeri's Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener has been featured by The Spruce Eats as "a must-have accessory. . . It pulled corks out flawlessly and the foil remover worked exactly as promised. We haven’t encountered a better option at such a low price, so we fully recommend it."

    Ozeri wine openers are built with efficiency and ergonomics in mind, allowing them to open wine bottles of natural or synthetic cork types with ease. Well regarded by wine aficionados, Ozeri wine openers can be found everywhere from high-class restaurants to homes for effortless entertaining.

    About Ozeri Corporation - Ozeri began as a supplier of housewares to the vacation market and has since expanded into the consumer market, boasting a wide range of products sold at Amazon, Macys, Home Depot, Walmart, Wayfair and many other retailers. Focused on combining compact functionality with superior aesthetics, Ozeri is dedicated to producing modern home and lifestyle products to meet the needs of its growing clientele. To browse Ozeri's many lines of kitchen and tableware products, visit www.ozeri.com.

  • Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener Featured in Epicurus.com Magazine
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  • Ozeri Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener
  • Wine Wisdom: How Serving Temperature Affects Taste

    Temperature is everything when it comes to serving wine. Too warm and you’ll taste esters, too cold and you’ll miss out on those rich tannins. Of course, different wines have different serving temperatures. White wines are generally served colder, while red wines are served closer to room temp, but slightly chilled. We’ll break down the serving temps for some of the most popular vinos, with strategies on how to get them to the perfect temperature


    While serving temperatures vary for each style, most red wines are served slightly below room temperature, anywhere between 57-65°F. Red wines are often paired with Italian dishes, roasts, and heartier beef-based meals. Additionally, these dishes call for a slightly warmer serving temperature for the corresponding red, since they are normally served during chilly months rather than in the summer.

    A Cabernet, for instance, should be served at a slightly cool temperature to highlight its rich, jammy quality without letting the sweetness overpower the palate. The warming effect of the Cabernet on a chilly night in January will leave you feeling drowsy rather than refreshed, as you might be with a Riesling in the spring. Below are some of the most well-known reds, with proper serving temperatures.

    1. Bordeaux- 60-67°F
    2. Merlot- 60-64°F
    3. Chianti- 57-63°F
    4. Cabernet- 62-67°F
    5. Pinot Noir- 59-63°F
    6. Beaujolais- 50-55°F. A special berry fermentation process requires Beaujolais to be served cooler than most reds, making this varietal a bit more refreshing than many of its red brothers and sisters.


    White wines, such as your Pinots and Sauvignon Blancs are served much cooler, typically between 45 and 58°F. Ideal for warmer months, white wines are made to be refreshing and feature varying degrees of dryness. Light dishes centered on chicken, fish, vegetables, cheese, and pasta are commonly paired with whites in order to bolster the “lightness” as a consistent quality throughout all aspects of a warm weather meal.

    1. Chardonnay- 45-55°F. As is normally the case with most white wines, lower quality Chardonnay should be served at a much cooler temperature than higher quality Chardonnay, which typically features a rich, “buttery” profile. The cooler temperature will help mask any “green” or unripe flavors that come out to play at warmer temperatures.
    2. Marsanne- 53-57°F.
    3. Riesling- 45-52°F. A happy medium here is 48°F. Keep it on ice when outdoors in the summer.
    4. Pinot Blanc- 45-49°F.
    5. Pinot Gris- 45-48°F.
    6. Sauvignon Blanc- 44-48°F.

    Chilling Do’s and Don’ts

    1. Don’t put wine in the freezer. Though you may be vigilant about removing your wine before it freezes, putting the wine in the freezer can damage the cork.
    2. Do use the fridge. Since most reds are served in the winter, they’ll most likely be at a cooler room temperature prior to chilling. 10-15 minutes in the fridge is all it should take to bring a Cabernet to the ideal temperature.
    3. Do use an ice bath. The great thing about an ice bath is that they’re easy to make. The bittersweet news is that they will chill your wine in a flash. Just 10 minutes is all it takes to chill your wine to 35°F, so be cautious when using an ice bath, especially when chilling reds. 5-7 minutes in an ice bath is typically all that is needed to bring a white down to 45°F. As a rule of thumb, use the fridge for your reds, and an ice bath for whites.
    4. Don’t serve the wine when it’s too warm. So many wines are completely ruined by warm serving temperatures. In a worst-case scenario, it’s ok to slightly over-chill the wine, as the bottle can always come back up to proper temperature.

    So how do I know when the wine is at the right temperature?

    Unfortunately, determining when your wine is at the right temperature can be tricky. Going with the feel of the bottle isn’t an accurate indicator of the temperature of the vino inside. We advise not dipping a thermometer in your wine, as you can potentially alter flavors. 5 minutes in an ice bath for whites and 10 minutes in the fridge for reds will usually get the job done.

    If you’re really looking for an accurate serving temperature, try the Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener. This rechargeable, stainless steel wine opener features an infrared wine thermometer that takes temperatures without coming into contact with the wine. It displays the temperature on a vivid LCD screen and can open up to 80 bottles on a single charge. Combined with its consistent and convenient functionality, the Maestro boasts an elegant and sleek design, making it an absolute essential for any true lover of wine.

    If you have any questions or comments about serving temperatures, feel free to post in the provided space below. Thanks for reading!

  • Wine Wisdom: How Do I Achieve the Perfect Pour?

    Picture this: you’re hosting a dinner party and excitedly usher in the first guests, eager to begin the evening. You go to offer them one of the Malbecs or Chardonnays you’ve selected with such care—but fumble with a less-than-adequate corkscrew. When you finally manage to open the bottle, you realize you’re not exactly sure how much to pour in each guest’s glass. Uh-oh—your dinner party just went from elegant to awkward.

    Never fear. We’re here with some wine wisdom that will have your guests raving about your Rosé and praising your Pinot Noir. Check out our helpful hints.

    1. Begin with the Right Wine Tools. If you’ve gone to the trouble of selecting wines that your guests will delight in tasting, you want to be able to open bottles with ease. A flimsy corkscrew is definitely going to be a buzzkill. Instead, invest in an opener that helps you avoid any corking mishaps to make your job easy.

    Ozeri’s wealth of stylish wine openers make the job simple. The Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener has a removable foil cutter and an elegant, European-inspired curved base that allows it to stand on its own. It can open up to 40 bottles on a single charge, all with a simple push of a button. Plus, the transparent shell allows you to view the corking process. The Nouveaux’s price point makes it practical—less than $30.

    2. Select the Proper Stemware. The size and shape of your glasses will affect the taste of your wine, so invest in proper stemware. There are literally hundreds of types of glasses; if you’re a wine newbie, know that there are two basic kinds. Slightly larger, balloon shaped glasses are for full-bodied reds while smaller, narrower glasses are for whites. The narrower style prevents the white wines from warming while being consumed. If you are drinking sparkling wine or champagne, try a flute.

    3. Decant. You decant wine for two reasons: so that the sediment stays in the bottle and so the wine can breathe. Young wines can sit in a decanter for twenty minutes, while older wines should be decanted immediately before serving.

    4. Know How Much to Pour. A good rule to follow is to fill the glass to the widest part of the bowl. Still wines should be poured to the center of the glass, while sparkling wines should be poured to the side. Twist the bottle slightly while tilting upright to avoid drips.

    5. Give it a Swirl. Once poured, swirl the wine in the glass so that it’s oxygenated. This means the oxygen is breaking down the wine and “opening it up,” so it softens and gives off a lovely aroma. Just a few circles are fine here; you can even leave the base of the glass planted on the table.

    6. Enjoy. Wine is meant to be enjoyed. Don’t be so nervous about your etiquette that you don’t get the chance to savor a glass yourself.

  • Throw the Perfect No-Cook Party (Hint: There are only two ingredients!)

    If you want to throw a party that doesn’t require much effort on your part (no cooking!), then a wine and cheese party is just the ticket. All you need is a few good wines and a nice assortment of tasty cheeses. Your guests will be impressed and you’ll be thankful there aren’t any dishes to do, except a few empty wine glasses. Make your party even easier with state-of-the-art wine accessories from Ozeri. Here’s how to plan it:

    A Week Before The Party…

    1. Do your research. You’ll want to pair the right wine with the appropriate cheese. Research wines and cheeses that complement and contrast with one another for the best flavor pairings. Jot down a few notes about each.
    2. Set the menu. Finalize what you’ll be serving to guests. Experts recommend serving an assortment of wine and cheese that have different flavors and textures. There are four main cheese categories: bloomy, blue, hard, and fresh. For a well-rounded tasting experience, it’s recommended to pick one from each.
    3. Shop for the wine. Don’t be afraid to ask the shop owner what wines they recommend with the cheese you’ve selected!

    A Day or Two Before The Party…

    1. Shop for the cheese. Since you want the cheese to be fresh, wait until a day or two before the party to buy it. Tell the cheesemonger what you’re looking for and ask for recommendations. This is a great way to learn more about the cheese you’ll be serving.

    An Hour Before…

    1. Chill the wine. If the white wine isn’t already chilled now’s the time to do it. Save yourself the hassle of a water and ice bath and chill wine in a thermal wine chiller. Ozeri’s sleek stainless-steel model will keep wine chilled for hours! Expert tip: Wine aficionados recommend serving white wine at 45°F and red at 60°F.
    2. Set cheeses out. Experts say setting the cheese out 30 to 60 minutes before guests walk in the door is a good idea.
    3. Identify each cheese. Don’t leave your guests (and yourself!) guessing what’s what. Put place cards in front of each cheese or cover the table with butcher paper and write the names directly on it.

    During The Party…

    1. Keep a record. Give guests little notepads to write down their favorite pairings and tasting notes in. They’ll also double as a party favor!
    2. Pop the corks. This one seems like a no-brainer, but if you’re using a normal wine bottle opener it could take a while to get all the bottles uncorked. Impress guests with an electric opener like the Ozeri Maestro Electric Wine Opener. It can open a bottle in seconds and has an infrared wine thermometer with a digital temperature display. You’ll never have to guess if the wine is at the perfect serving temperature!
    3. Taste with a plan. Save the potential palate-wrecking cheese for last. Take advice from the pros and start with the lightest wine and freshest cheese.
    4. Cheers!
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  • BuzzFeed Includes 2 Ozeri Products in its Essential Wedding Registry

    Are you having a wedding soon, but don’t know what to include in your registry? In 2018, BuzzFeed published a list of essential homemaking items to give you some ideas, including 2 stylish Ozeri products for the modern kitchen.

    The first Ozeri item on the list, the Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale, is the industry's first kitchen scale to include antimicrobial protection that disrupts the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria that often contributes to product deterioration. Designed for the culinary perfectionist who desires the best in form and function, the Ozeri Touch II Digital Kitchen Scale also features an automatic Tare button that quickly calculates the net weight of your ingredients by subtracting the container weight, whether the container is a bowl, tray, plate or anything else. This feature makes it even easier to keep track of portion size and ingredient ratios, giving the chef greater control over the quality and quantity of the meal.

    Second on the list is the Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Opener, which makes opening wine bottles easy and entertains your guests at the same time. Designed for home and restaurant use, its latest generation battery opens up to 40 wine bottles with the gentle push of a button, all on a single charge. Completely cordless, the Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Opener comes with an elegant recharging base with an LED charge indicator. This new edition of the electric opener includes a bonus wine pourer, stopper, and a crucial foil cutter to remove wine seals. Able to open both natural and synthetic corks, the product features an improved, ultra light-weight design, a faster motor, and an ergonomic grip for effortless handling. Use it at home or take it with you to impress your hosts and guests before the first sip.

    To read the full BuzzFeed article, click here